Scheduled Maintenance

Over the weekend of 12th – 13th October, Historypin will be undergoing scheduled maintenance.

You will be able to browse and explore the site as usual, but will not be able to login, post comments, upload or edit content.

Maintenance will be completed and normal service restored by 18:00 BST / 13:00 EST / 10:00 PST on Sunday 13th.

Thank you for your patience whilst we make Historypin better!

Lincoln Way Viaduct being built, 1948, from the Massillon Museum.

New features on Historypin

We are excited to announce some new features, based on some of the great suggestions and requests our community has shared with us. Our tech team has been beavering away in their workshop and now you will find …

  • Social logins so you can use Twitter of Facebook to create a Historypin account.
  • Email alerts so that you know as soon as someone adds a comment to your content. (See your Channel settings to opt-in or out).
  • A snazzy new Activity Feed on your Channel showing all the comments, stories and Repeats which have been added to your content.

We hope you find them useful. We’re always keen to hear your feedback on how the site could be improved and are here to answer any of your queries. You can get in touch through our Google Group or email

All new Historypin!

We are proud to launch a brand new Historypin!

After months of researching, planning, designing, testing and building we are ready to share with you all a major new redesign which, we hope, shows off all your content in the best possible light and gives you lots of new features to enjoy.

The all new homepage now has a Pin of the Day gallery, so the winning images of this prestigious award can be easily seen by all. You can also look back through past winners. Upload your best images to be in for a chance of featuring here.

We also have a brand new totaliser, the arrival of which is well timed as we have just reached 200,000 materials shared on Historypin. Thankyou to every one of you that has contributed to this figure.

You can now see every item added to Historypin in the new Activity Feed, which shows what you are all doing on the site, be it adding photos, videos and audio clips, favoriting other people’s contributions, adding comments, creating Tours and Collections or adding items to Projects.

Projects are also a new feature. They bring together content around certain themes. We now have several projects including Year of the bayRemember how we used to… and My Grandparents are better than yours for you to explore, add to and comment on.

Loads of work has gone into tidying things up, beautifying and simplifying the user experience and interface, plus there has been lots of techy work finding solutions to difficult problems behind the scenes. A massive thankyou and congratulations is due to the creative and digital teams – check out their faces here.

Scheduled Maintenance

During the weekend of September 29, Historypin will be undergoing a database migration, so there may be periods of time over the weekend that the site will be available only in read-only mode.  This will prohibit any uploads during those times. Maintenance is scheduled to be completed no later than Monday morning (GMT), October 1.

We thank you for your patience while we make Historypin better!

Lincoln Way Viaduct being built, 1948, from the Massillon Museum.

Embed Historypin on your site & do bulk uploads

Earlier this week we wrote about the launch of Historypin Channels. As well as some neat customising functions, Channels also enable you to upload large amounts of content and embed your Channel on your own site using the Embed and Bulk Uploader Tools.

Embed Tool

With this you can embed your Historypin Channel on your own site, enabling your visitors to explore your content through the Historypin interface. When you set up your embed, you can choose which views to include from Map View, List View, Collections and Tours. Check out some of these super embeds from:

Embedding your Channel is easy:

1. Login to your Channel, click ‘Channel and Account settings’ and select ‘link with my site’.
2. Choose what you want to  embed and generate the code
3. Drop the code into your site

Bulk Uploader 

The Bulk Uploader enables you to upload hundreds of pieces of content and their meta-data at once. Some institutions who have already made use of this tool to populate their Channels with hundreds of photos are The English Heritage Archive, the Museum of Victoria and the Powerhouse Museum.

To get started, click ‘pin’ on your Channel. Follow the links to the Bulk Uploader to find out more about it and download the CSV template for your meta-data.

Historypin Channels for All!

We are excited to announce the release of Historypin Channels which give all Historypin users new tools to personalise, manage and share their content.

If you already have a Profile, it will have been upgraded to a Channel, so you can start personalising yours now. New users can get a Channel when they join Historypin.

With your Channel you can:

  • Customise it with a colour scheme, logo, banner and more
  • See a map showing just your content
  • See all the photos, videos and audio files you’ve uploaded
  • See all the Tours and Collections you’ve made
  • See stories other people have added to your content
  • See your Historypin Repeats – modern replicas of your historical photos that other people have taken using the Historypin smartphone app

Some pinners have already jazzed up their Channels, including Sue Walker White with a lovely historical map Photos of the Past whose banner is a photo that he has pinned and San Francisco MTA Archives who have trams galore.

If you’re keen to see some super Historypin Repeats taken with the smartphone app, have a look at the Channels belonging to Mirrorpix, The English Heritage Archive and Bath in Time.

So get started personalising your Channel. If you need more inspiration, have a look at those featured on our Channels page where you can also search all the users on Historypin to find some great content.

Historypin Upgrade

We’ve just released an upgrade of Historypin.

It’s got some snazzy new features including an improved pinning process, a new listing view and the ability to see the street address of a photo.

Have a play and let us know what you think.