Prince William adds a story about his Gran!

HRH Duke of Cambridge at the Sovereign's Parade (Lewis Whyld/PA)

Prince William has shared a photo and story on Historypin about his Gran… HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

You can see the photo and read the full story here.

Prince William joins the large number of people who have been pinning photos of their grandparents on Historypin since its creation – there is even a popular “My Grandparents are Better than Yours” Collection.

Martin Luther King III is another celeb who has also pinned a photo of himself and his famous grandfather.

The photo the Prince pinned shows his grandmother, The Queen, at his graduation from Sandhurst. Remembering the moment the Prince wrote “I felt especially proud to receive my commission as an officer in front of my grandmother, The Queen. She has been an incredible role model to me over the years, so it was very special to have her present for my graduation.”

The Prince pinned the photo and memory as part of Pinning the Queen’s History, an interactive global archive of The Queen’s visits and Jubilee celebrations over six decades to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Have you got photos and memories of one of The Queen’s 261 Visits around the world?

Did you hold a street party to celebrate the 1953 Coronation or 1977 & 2002 Jubilees?

Add your photos, videos and memories to Pinning the Queen’s History.

Charlie’s Friday Favourites

This week Historypin launched Pinning the Queen’s History which has been really exciting and people have already shared some dead good photos and stories with us – so this week my blog will be all things Queen Elizabeth II.

Fave Piece of Content

These three images shared by ronlankshear, document his memories and photos of his excitement, waiting to see the Coronation Drive procession through London. ronlankshear, a school boy at the time from St Clement Danes School, whom is at the front of the queue of boys, looks very much in anticipation to see the royal couple. The uniform jacket was dark green and ronlankshear is alongside a couple of boys called Colin and apparently an obscured Martin! The last image shows the Coronation Drive pass through 6 Pavilion Parade, London.

Coronation drive around London, 1953, Shared by ronlankshear

Coronation Drive around London. 1953, Shared by ronlankshear

End of Procession, July 1953, London, Shared by ronlankshear


Fave Story of the Week

Queen Elizabeth II on walkabout in Chatham, October 1984, Shared by cfraser

How great is this story shared by  C Fraser? She tells the tale of an American studying in London with an internship with BBC Radio Kent, where she had the wonderful opportunity to meet The Queen. She was informed by a reporter from the BBC of a good spot to catch a glimpse of The Queen. When the crowd found out cfraser was American they become boisterous and yelled ‘shes from America’ which intrigued the Queen, whom went over and asked what cfraser was doing in London. There, she was able to give The Queen an American coin, of which cfraser later told the tale, when interviewed by a BBC reporter. How amazing is that? How good does The Queen look in pink?

Pinner of the Week

Queen Elizabeth II in Mackay, 1954, Shared by State Library Of Queensland

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to State Library of Queensland for their amazing contributions to Pinning The Queen’s History Special Collection. The Queen featured in a gorgeous dress, addressing the crowds in Mackay on her 1954 Australia tour, is my fave of their uploads. My other fave is Waiting to see the Queen, March 1954, which shows some young adults waiting the get their glimpse of The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. One of them is even sitting above a street sign! State Library of Queensland have shared other themed photos and made a few nifty collections on the site too. Check their full profile here

See what else has been pinned so far and add your photos, videos and stories of The Queen’s visits and previous Jubilee celebrations here: