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Great community sessions in Swindon

We had another couple of great community sessions collecting photos, stories and memories for our Remember How We Used To project, this time in Swindon.

First up was npower HQ with staff sharing their personal and local history.

The highlight for many of our team was a lively debate over the location of a particular power plant in an old photo, which many expert minds in the room could shed some light on, showing how much interaction, debate and enjoyment can come from crowdsourcing information about content.

Next up was a session at Tregoze Primary School.

60 students from Year 5 and Year 6 pupils brought in photos of weddings, births and various celebrations ranging from the 1940s to today and told each other the stories behind them.

Claire Bowen, assistant principal at the school, said: “The children had to speak to their families and neighbours about the stories behind the photos. The children and teachers [then] spent the afternoon sharing memories of the past. They had photos of their grandparents and family celebrations from years ago. Some children brought pictures of when they were born in hospital with their mums and dads, which was really nice.”

South Swindon MP Robert Buckland, also visited the school to take part in the workshop.

Miss Bowen said: “It is a whole different way of remembering the past. They had to talk to people about their photos and find out the stories behind them and then recount the story as they heard it. They were so enthusiastic about sharing their stories.”

Clare McDougall, head of community and education at npower, said: “By asking the children to speak to their families to learn more about how they grew up, we hope that their imaginations will be sparked and they’ll want to know more about life 60 years ago.”

To explore the archive and add contributions go to www.historypin.com/rememberhow.



All new Historypin!

We are proud to launch a brand new Historypin!

After months of researching, planning, designing, testing and building we are ready to share with you all a major new redesign which, we hope, shows off all your content in the best possible light and gives you lots of new features to enjoy.

The all new homepage now has a Pin of the Day gallery, so the winning images of this prestigious award can be easily seen by all. You can also look back through past winners. Upload your best images to be in for a chance of featuring here.

We also have a brand new totaliser, the arrival of which is well timed as we have just reached 200,000 materials shared on Historypin. Thankyou to every one of you that has contributed to this figure.

You can now see every item added to Historypin in the new Activity Feed, which shows what you are all doing on the site, be it adding photos, videos and audio clips, favoriting other people’s contributions, adding comments, creating Tours and Collections or adding items to Projects.

Projects are also a new feature. They bring together content around certain themes. We now have several projects including Year of the bayRemember how we used to… and My Grandparents are better than yours for you to explore, add to and comment on.

Loads of work has gone into tidying things up, beautifying and simplifying the user experience and interface, plus there has been lots of techy work finding solutions to difficult problems behind the scenes. A massive thankyou and congratulations is due to the creative and digital teams – check out their faces here.

Remember how we used to…

Daily Herald circulation department, 11th May 1935, shared by National Media Museum

Remember how we used to work, play, watch and listen, cook and clean, keep warm and celebrate?

We are excited to announce a brand new project that looks back at how energy has changed the way we do everything things over the last century and are looking for your contributions.

Almost everything we do, from making breakfast to going to work, is very different to how our grandparents did it.

In 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II took the throne, only one in five households had a washing machine, one in ten a telephone, one in twenty a fridge. Almost nobody had central heating. Fewer than half of all households had a television and less than one in five households had a car.

Children listening to talking books, 1953, shared by Mirrorpix

Over the last 60 years children have changed the way they play, workplaces have changed the way they look, and we have shifted our tastes in the music we listen to and the clothes we wear.

So if you’ve got a photo of your parents watching retro TVs, or your granddad working in an office for example, add it in!

Girls listening to the Ruffler and Walker jukebox, 1964, shared by Mirrorpix

The project was created in partnership npower and Mirrorpix and aims to collate over 5,000 photos, videos, audio clips and stories around this theme from across the UK by Spring 2013. To help do this we’ll be running workshops and memory bank sessions with a selection of schools, care homes and retired npower employees to gather old photos and memories.

Explore this archive of amazing photos and add yours here.

Pinning The Queen’s History launches for Diamond Jubilee

Do you have any photos, videos or stories of The Queen’s visits throughout her reign?

We’re launching our latest Special Collection this month, showcasing photos, videos and other memories of The Queen over the last 60 years on an online interactive gallery to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

We’re challenging Historypinners to add their own photos, videos and stories and are setting the challenge of trying to get at least one pin for each of her 261 official overseas visits (including 96 State Visits, to 116 different countries) as well as from the celebrations for her Coronation in 1953, her Silver Jubilee in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

We have worked with Buckingham Palace and already have got some great stuff pinned, including items from the Royal Collection, Royal Archives and Press Association photos of Her Majesty’s visit to Paris in 1957Her Majesty’s Christmas broadcast from New Zealand in 1953 and the sitar presented to the Queen by the Governor of Tamil Nadu in 1997.

Pinning the Queen’s History was only launched on Sunday since then Historypinners have already added some of their own great content including this photo shared by Ron Lankshear of the boys from St Clement Danes School waiting for the Coronation drive around London, andthis photo shared by Jo Stuttard of Her Majesty in Abu Dhabi Visting the United Arab Emirates in 2010 to celebrate the special partnership between the UK and UAE.

Dickie Arbiter, Royal Commentator, said:

“Most of us capture a cherished moment on camera, be it a family occasion, a holiday, a loved one or even a very important person. For many lucky enough that very important person is The Queen. But once that picture is taken what do you do with it? Now you can post it online. Google and Historypin must be commended for inviting a global audience to share that special moment when they met The Queen and, in this Diamond Jubilee year, pinpoint where she has been and what she has done over the past six decades.”

Nick Stanhope, CEO of We Are What We Do, and Executive Director of Historypin site, said:

“We’re very excited to be able to help people bring together their photos and memories onto Historypin and create a “Royal Time Machine” that let’s us all explore The Queen’s remarkable reign.”

You can see Pinning The Queen’s History here

PS Keep an eye out for our other Special Collections including our Chevy Collection and the soon-to-be-released Life Stories Challenge.

Chevy Special Collection

We’re launching the first of our Special Collections this month, showcasing Chevys through the ages.

We’re challenging Historypinners to add their own photos, videos and stories and are setting the challenge of trying to get at least one pin for each one of the 194 models Chevy has created over the last 100 years.

The first Chevrolet dates back to 1911, and the cars have been a big part of not-just-American life ever since.

We’ve already got some great Chevy stuff pinned, including this awesome shot of the Chevy founder himself, Louis Chevrolet, sitting in a Buick automobile during the Cobe Cup Race in Indiana,  this model outside the “Hughes cut-rate liquor and drug store”(!) in 1946 and more recently this picture of American Pickers host, Mike Wolfe, at the Woodward Dream Cruise classic auto show near Detroit.

So if you’ve got anything to add, be it an old family photo of you working on your truck, or pics of you posing on your bonnet, 70s style, do add them in.

You can see the Chevy Special Collection here.

PS Keep an eye out for the next Special Collection, due out next month, which sets out to gather content from every one of the Queen’s visits around the world over the last 60 years…