Happy New Year — The Year of the Bay

Dear friends,

Happy new year! 2013 is going to be an exciting year in the San Francisco Bay Area with the America’s Cup races, the opening of the new span of the Bay Bridge, the 150th anniversary of the Port of San Francisco, and Year of the Bay — our project to open up the celebrations to everyone who has a connection to the bay.

To get the party started, we invite you to explore the Year of the Bay here through our growing collection of photographs and stories contributed by libraries, museums, archives, and individuals like you. And we’d like to ask you to help us by doing two things:

1) Share a link to http://yearofthebay.org with your friends and colleagues right now via email, Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, and other channels.

2) Contribute to the project. How have you or your family or your organization related to the bay we all share? Do you have photographs or stories you can share with us?

Together we hope to gather the materials to tell an epic, rich, diverse new history of the San Francisco Bay this year. And through this project help connect people to the bay around the Bay Area.

Over the course of the Year of the Bay we will continue to add materials to this site — in the weeks to come we’ll add maps and challenges and new ways for you to interact with the history of the bay. We’ll also participate in exhibitions on the bay. And we’ll venture out to communities around the bay for events aboard the Alma, like we did on a sail to Hunters Point in the fall.

We hope you’ll join us! As inspiration for our voyages together in the coming year, here are a few photos from that sail.

Yours truly,

Jon Christensen

 Photos by Sarah Thompson

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