Storytelling and mince pies

Mr. and Mrs. Buckel come prepared with a whole album of photo memories to share with our Exec. Director Nick Stanhope

Yesterday we hit the road and went to Didcot, Oxfordshire to gather stories and photos for ‘Remember how we used to’. We were guests at npower’s annual Christmas lunch for former employees, the perfect place to find stories and memories.

A former npower employee shares vintage photos and memories with us

Everyone was eager to share their memories with us, and came prepared with photos, old newspapers, brochures, and even paintings! With over 100 people there was endless  reminiscing about the good ol’ days and catching up with old friends.

Together with our super npower volunteers Sunita, Liz, Emma and Trisha, we had a really fun-filled afternoon collecting photos and stories. From miners’ strikes to family open days at the power station, from local coronation parties to proudly appearing in the npower newsletter, these garrulous retirees remembered how they used to work, play, celebrate and more.

Old friends catch up before Christmas lunch

We loved hearing these stories first-hand and as an added bonus we also got to share in a wonderful Christmas lunch, complete with Christmas crackers and mince pies. A lovely time indeed!

We will be adding the photos and stories we collected to ‘Remember How We Used To’ and blogging about the best of them, so watch this space. And over the coming months we’ll be holding more sessions like this with community groups  and schools around the country.

Visit the Didcot Retirees Channel to see the great photos and stories we collected.

If you have photos and stories to share about how we used to cook and clean, watch and listen, work, play, keep warm and celebrate, add them to the project here.

3 thoughts on “Storytelling and mince pies

  1. hello
    i read with great interest about rememberhow i worked at staythorpe power station for a number of years and the memory fades but i do have a video of staythorpe just before it closed i find it very interesting my self but it is very home made and it may or may not be of interest to you

  2. I am trying to find all the photos from the Didcot Power Station Christmas Lunch session for my Mum, who used to work there, and was at the lunch, but dont know where they are. Please can you tell me the link, or what the collection is called so I can show her. Many thanks