A fish auction, New South Wales through the ages and an obscure hotel with a glamorous past.

Pin Of The Week

A Fish Auction in Westerdale, 1905

A brilliant image pinned by the National Media Museum of a fish auction in Westerdale, North Yorkshire in 1905. You can see two large fish on the ground to the left and the fisherman standing a little back from the group surveying the auction. Its a great image as the group all look so enthralled with the produce. The photo was taken by Frank Meadow (1853-1941), who is best known for his images of Whitby’s fishing community. He was made an honorary member of the Royal Photographic Society on his death in 1941.

Pinner of the Week

Broadway Looking West, Sydney, 1962

Pinner of the Week goes to The State Records of New South Wales. They have been pinning a wide variety of photos dating from the 1880’s up until the 1960’s from across New South Wales. The images range from resplendent scenes of Sydney, to small town railway stations. Check out their channel here.

Story Of The Week

Native Americans dancing on the lawn of Sheridan Inn, 1890-1910

Our story this week comes from the Wyoming State Archive. The Sheridan Inn was built in 1893 by the Burlington Railroad Company and the Sheridon Land Company in an attempt to increase visitor numbers to the area. The hotel was built to impress its guests with a hand crafted bar imported from England and electric lights throughout which was a First for Sheridan. The owner William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody also hosted large Wild West shows and recruited performers from far and wide including local Indians pictured below to perform on the covered porch of the hotel. The hotel was saved from destruction in 1966/7 by the Sheridan County Historical Society and is still a hotel and bar to this day. See the Sheridan Inn on the Historypin map here.

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