Historypin Repeats in the New York Times

We were excited to see Historypin in the New York Times again today, this time in an article about websites utilizing time and place data to organize photos.  They featured a Historypin Repeat that I did with a favorite old photo of my dad at the Jefferson Memorial around 1949 when he was in school at the Theological College at Catholic University. I love being able to insert myself into history, and imagining the conversation I could have with my dad at that age.

In any case, you can read the article in the New York Times, and see that particular Repeat on Historypin.

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Jon Voss is the Historypin Strategic Partnerships Director. Together with global collaborators and the Historypin team, he’s helping to build an open ecosystem of historical data across libraries, archives, and museums worldwide. His innovative work at the intersection of technology and cultural memory is also getting him closer to his childhood dream of perfecting time travel.

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