An arch, Amy Johnson and Atlanta History Centre

Fave Piece of Content

Independence Arch, Monterrey,1960, Shared by Mollinedo

How cool is this photo??The composition is amazing, the lovely lady, the cars and the arch works so bloody well together.The lush lady strolling down the road reminds me of the car race scene from the film Grease. The Arch called ‘Arco de la Independencia en Monterrey’ translating to Independence Arch, is located in Monterrey Mexico. This photo was taken in 1960, which is evident in the transition of 50s fashion to 60s – although her skirt is so long for a 60s girl.  Four years later this lady like many others, would be rocking a mini skirt thanks to Mary Quant – couldn’t live without a mini skirt. The photo looks super epic on Street View which you can see here. This little gem was shared by Mollinedo who has also shared some very lush vintage postcards. 


Fave Story

Amy Johnson and Anna Neagle, Welsh Harp, Hendon, , 1 April 1931, Shared by Science & Society Picture Library

Where do I begin with this treasure?The coats are a-maz-ing!! The fur trim on the coat (lady on the left  Anna Neagle) along side the beret is fabulous glamorous combo ever! The leather trench coat (lady on the left Amy Johnson) is so timeless – so making me jel. Not only are these ladies blessed with the flair for fashion, their also talented in other ways. Amy Johnson was an English Aviator. She  was the first women to gain a certificate as a ground engineer and pilot as well as famous record breaking flights! If thats not great enough, she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary in World War II as a pilot. Unfortunately Amy Johnson died during ferry flying. Anna Neagle was a mega big star of historical film and dramas. She was lucky enough to become a Dame of the British Empire in 1969. If all this wasn’t astonishing enough the photograph was taken by James Jarche at the opening of the speedboat season. This mega photo was shared by Science & Society Picture Library see their full and insanely great Channel here.

Pinner of the Week

F.D.R Parade, Atlanta Georgia, 1932, Shared by Atlanta History Center

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to Atlanta History Center for their impressive 172 pins – what legends. F.D.R Parade (see photo above) is defo one of my faves from their collection.This photo captures Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s motorcade car during a parade for his campaign visit to Atlanta, Georgia. Theres so many people lining the street to witness the event. I love the boy (middle right) running down the road to get a clearer view of Roosevelt. Another great piece of content, from their collection is The Art Building, 1895. The photo captures the architecturally beautifulness of the building, from the giant pillars to the relief work. If you look closely to the right of the photo you will see a little couple sitting on a bench – cute. To see Atlanta full collection of pins see their Channel here.



Amazing stories discovered by QMPS students in Labrador, Canada

Last week students from the Queen of Peace Middle School in Labrador, were awarded ‘pinners of the week’ for their fantastic Historypin project that Grade 6 Classes have been doing this Semester. Their project explored the students’ family history and the social history of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

The Grade 6 classes at QPMS were very excited to become the first students in Labrador to pin their communities’ photos and stories to the Historypin creating an amazing Channel. Technology Itinerant Teacher, Susan Lamond, was inspired to run a Historypin project after hearing about Nelson Rural School’s Historypin project at the 21st Century Learning Conference.  She  immediately became hooked and brought the idea back to classes in Labrador.

The grade 6 students and teachers were eager to get started collecting pictures, and after getting tips from an archivist from Them Days magazine on interviewing skills and how to get the “story behind the photo,” they started conducting interviews. Students then learned how to scan and edit their photos before pinning them, and got more great ideas when they Skyped students  and staff from Nelson Rural School in Miramichi, who did a great Historypin project earlier in the year.  By the end of the QPMS project students had pinned 90 photos and stories!

We were delighted that the students were particularly enthusiastic about interviewing older family members about their personal stories. Abigail ‘liked being able to preserve old stories and learning about all of our family history’ and Timothy thought it was great that the stories he heard would ‘spark a new story that sometimes wasn’t related to the photo but was interesting to hear.’ He also said the seeing the photos meant it ‘was easy to imagine what actually had taken place’ and pinned a fantastic story about his Great Aunt Enid coming from Scotland to teach a primary class with no formal training in Makkovik, Labrador, meeting her husband Charlie, and proudly becoming a Canadian Citizen in 1996.

The project finished with a Skype session with Natasha and Freddie from Historypin and all the students got a special certificate celebrating their work. The project has been a huge success, and the school is going to do it with more classes next year.

This fantastic project inspired everyone involed, and Victoria, a grade 6 student, summed up the feelings of the class saying, ‘I think that learning about all the things about your family is really great! I liked hearing all the stories about the pictures.’


We’ve won an award!

Historypin has been named one of the Best Websites for Teaching & Learning by the American Association of School Librarians!

Historypin is being used by heaps of teachers, students and educational groups around the world. As well as teachers using it in lessons, students have turned into archivists gathering and pinning photos from their family, whilst others have run inter-generational storytelling sessions to capture stories from members of their local communities.

For tips on how to use Historypin in the classroom and to download our free resources & activity packs, visit our schools resources section.

Are you using Historypin as a teaching tool? Got ideas for how to use it in the classroom? Let us know and we will add you to our blog of good ideas.

The shopper, a trishaw and Liz Taylor

This week on Historypin, I have been greeted by some fab 80s and early 90s which are my fave fashion eras – I know dire aye!

Fave Piece of Content

Shopping in Pontypridd, May 1982, Shared by harri80

This fab combo of an outfit (midi skirt which are all the rang atm) is seen in Pontypridd on a shopping trip – God I love shopping. I totally love the pose the slightly forward left leg – glam. Also, how great are those cars in the background? Loving the yellow one. Harri80 shared this gem with Historypin this week. Another great outfit pinned on Historypin this week is this little treasure:

Piet and Mien Steur in a Trishaw in Malacca, 13 September 1990, Shared by team113mtt

You gotta love this hat! Which one I hear you ask? The fine sun hat on the lovely lady. This photo is totally 90s holiday snapshot. This duo are sunning it up in Malacca -lucky sods. Travelling in style on a trishaw. This fine photo was shared by team113mtt.

Enough of my rambling about those ladies fashions, onto something more cultural with this great pin!

Fave Story

Party for the Festival of Britain, 1951, Shared by Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Centre

I’m having Jubilee blues after all those celebrations parities and picnic food. This street party is part of The Festival of Britain in 1951. The Festival of Britain was an idea to help rebuild Britain after World War II by showcasing through arts, design and science. The Festival opened on May 3rd 1951 till September 1951, The South Bank in London being the main area. Back to the photo above, 228 Downing Rd, Dagenham is where this hip party happened. The party hats are genius especially the tall one on the little boy (see right).This photo was shared by Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Centre. On the subject of The Festival of Britain check out this great Tour from Science and Society Picture Library here.

Pinner of the Week

Elizabeth Taylor in "National Velvet", 1947, Shared by Special Collections at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to Special Collections at University of Tennessee, Knoxville who have uploaded 77 glamorous pins.They have some amazing film stills of actress such as Joan Crawford and this fabulous photo of Liz Taylor(above). This scene is from the film set of National Velvet. I have never seen the film but feel it is a must watch now I have seen how cute that dog is. Another great film still from their collection is Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer, 1931. The photo is a scene from the film Free Soul the photo is so romantic and Shearer is wearing the cutest knitwear. The fashion in the photo reminds me of my friend who loves 30s and 40s fashion – it’s totally so her this photo. See the Special Collections at University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s full glam Channel here.

Historypin at the 2012 American Library Association Annual Conference

I’ll be in and around Anaheim this week representing Historypin at the 2012 American Library Association Annual Conference and am honored to be joining some amazing librarians along the way.  I’ll also be doing a couple of workshops in LA to boot.  Come say hi!

Thursday, June 21: Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries Preconference. 8:30am Plenary: Linked Open Data. Westin San Diego.

Friday, June 22: 8:30am. Creating Library Linked Data: What Catalogers and Coders Can Build.  (I’ll be there for the morning of this all day working group). Anaheim Convention Center Room 203B.

2:30pm. 2012 National Asian Pacific Islander American Historic Preservation Forum. “Technology Tours for Historic Sites and Tours.” California Endowment, Los Angeles, CA.

Saturday, June 23: 10am-12pm. Historypin Workshop with LA as Subject. Room 241, Academy for Polymathic Study Room, Doheny Memorial Library. 3550 Trousdale Parkway, University Park Campus, Los Angeles CA 90089-0185

Sunday, June 24: 8-10am. International Library Partnerships: Logistical and Technical Issues Relating to International Digitization Projects. Anaheim Convention Center Room 202A.

"Traffic Jam at 7th & Broadway," Los Angeles Public Library

An opening, an outdoor adventure and an outside swimming pool

Fave Piece of Content

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Public Opening, 1962, Buffalo, New York, Shared by Albright-Knox Art Gallery

I do thoroughly enjoy an art opening, the image above captures the public opening of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. The duration of the public opening fell between the 18th and 21st January1962. The gallery was funded by the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy which works wiith some of the oldest  American public arts institutions. I totally love the design of the building – reminds me of the White Cube gallery in London. Albright-Knox Art Gallery who have created a swanky Channel on Historypin and have also uploaded some lush construction images of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery as well as some photos of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy – they have totes dazzled me. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will also know why it’s been chosen as a fave piece of content this week – the coats! I’m a firm lover of fashion, coats are a particular fave of mine and those beauties above have made my week.

Fave Story

Nanny & Me, 1974, Gwynedd, UK, Shared by LucyMH

My fave story of the week is sold to the girl in the gingham dress and wellies! LucyMH shares her adorable memories of her Grandma, Dorothy (above) taking her rambling round the countryside. On their rambles her Grandmother would teach her names of birds and plants they discovered. Occasionally on their travels they would pick wild flowers and blackberries to take home. The photo was taken round 1974, near where her grandparents lived. The house was called Tremeifion and was in the Snowdonian village of Talsarnau – which now has been turned into a vegetarian restaurant and hotel. I do enjoy a good ramble, although I’m new to the countryside scene – and not very bug friendly. LucyMH Channel is made up of an ever growing collection of old family photographs with the occasional vintage postcard so defiantly one to keep an eye on.

Pinner of the week

Who's the boy in the picture? Shared by Jean Penny, pinned by Victoria Penny

Our Pinner of the Week this week is a Grade 6 Class from Queen of Peace Middle School, Labrador, Canada. The students have been very busy the past few weeks, collecting photos and stories from their grandparents and older relatives, and have added 92 pins! Some fantastic stories have been pinned, including one about a dedicated horse who brought a grandad and uncle safely home through a storm. There are many tales of migration, with photos pinned far from Labrador, like this one of a family leaving Holland. You also get a wonderful window into the older traditions, jobs and pastimes of the community, from hay rides to skidoos (a type of sled). And being a coastal community, there are of course loads of photos of fish. And these are some seriously big fish – the photo above gives you an idea, but if you think these are big, have a look at this one taken in 2012!

You can see more of the stories and photos shared here. And if you’re keen to find out who the boy in the photo above is, you can find out here – I recommend reading, it’s a cracking story.

Historypin + Science

The June UK edition of Wired Magazine features an amazing photo spread on a unique nonprofit collaboration we’re involved with, which includes photographers, scientists and cartographers working to document the changes in glaciers around the world.

We’re working with the team to develop the MELT App and website (Mass Engagement and Listing Technology) that will be based on the Historypin platform.  The apps will assist in the collection of images over time and enable the public to help scientists track the glaciers on an ongoing basis.  This is just one of several unique applications we’re involved with that pairs historical photographs with scientific research and conservation, and is indicative of some of the exciting work stemming from increasingly open cultural heritage collections.

Help us improve Historypin for cultural heritage organisations

Are you a library, archive, museum or historical organisation sharing your collections on Historypin?

We are inviting institutions sharing content on Historypin to complete a short survey to help us understand how you are using Historypin and what we can do to improve our tools for you. It is anonymous and will take about 10 minutes.

This survey has been created by a student enrolled in the Archives and Records Management MA at University College London and will also inform her research thesis on how and why cultural heritage organisations are using content sharing sites.

Please click here to access the survey. If you have any questions about the survey or would like to be interviewed about your involvement with Historypin, please contact Els Boonen at The survey will be available to complete until Thursday 21st June.

Bunting, barges and a balcony

"Here is one of my many photos of the Queen and the rest of the royal family when they appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on the final day of the Jubilee celebrations. My friend and I had a brilliant view - we couldn't believe how close we were. It was such a brilliant day, and one I'll never forget." Shared by cozzyross1

Over the last week pins showing pomp, pagentry and your Diamond Jubilee celebrations across the UK and around the world have been flooding onto Pinning the Queen’s History.

We’ve got some excellent snaps of the flotilla on the River Thames, just visible through the dark skies:

"The crowd was more than 10 deep - we stood on our tippy toes to catch a glimpse. The first boat went past and camera held up high and caught this - at least we saw something." Shared by maypingwong

Like the Coronation in 1953 when it also poured with rain, the Jubilee weekend was very wet and jokes about Her Majesty’s rain abounded. But this did little to deter people from watching the celebrations:

"It was a bit damp to begin with on the day of the river pageant, but it cleared up, until 4 o'clock when it decided to rain, however, our spirits were not dampened, here is the view of where I stood on the Albert Embankment." Shared by YesIamEccentric

Bunting bedecked many a street holding a Jubilee shindig …

Bury Drive, Goring Diamond Jubilee Street Party Celebrations Monday 4th June 2012 Residents doing the Conga! Shared by L11CY

as families and communities around the world celebrated, from Dubai to Australia and even as far as Hawaii:

A Big Jubilee Lunch gathering with neighbors and friends to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We taped the River Pagent (2:45 a.m. our time) and watched it together at a civilized hour while enjoying wonderful company and food. God Save the Queen - Long May She Reign!! Shared by mauidi

Food of course played a central role in the celebrations, like this amazing blueberry Union Jack cheesecake made by this family in Chile who woke up early to watch the Thanksgiving Service at St Paul’s and had a special lunch:

Far away from the UK, here in Chile, South America, my family and I celebrated Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee during all the Jubilee Weekend. After watching the river pageant on Sunday, we had a special lunch in our Union Jack decorated dinning room. On Tuesday, I woke up very early to watch the service at St. Paul's Cathedral, and afterwards, my little brothers and I watched the procession and the fly past over Buckingham Palace. Then we ate this amazing blueberry cheescake! We are chileans, not british, but we love the Queen and the Monarchy! Long live Her Majesty! Shared by msuzarteskarica

We’ve had lots of great stories pinned, including this warm tribute from Will to his Gran:

"... I remember The Queen’s words as she addressed us from the tremendous parade ground at Sandhurst: “You must be courageous yet selfless, leaders yet carers, confident yet considerate.” These qualities of selflessness and duty are values that The Queen has continuously demonstrated over the last 60 years and are qualities that remain very important to me." Shared by HRH The Duke of Cambridge

And some more eccentric tributes to Her Majesty’s sixty year reign …

"The Queens Jubilee Sheep - taken in Queens Lane, Arundel - decorated by the farmer and children living in the road." Shared by Vicki Isted

Did you hold a Diamond Jubilee celebration? Catch sight of The Queen on a barge or balcony? Add your photos, videos and stories to Pinning the Queen’s History.

To see more of what’s been pinned, head over to Pinning the Queen’s History. You can also check out our animation of The Queen whizzing around the globe, featuring your video and photo contributions: