Ghost Signs from Louisville, USA to London, UK

The Histoypin team is always excited to see the myriad of different ways people and archives are using the site and app to capture, preserve and resurrect historical moments in their neighbourhoods. And we particularly love seeing Historypinners inspire fellow Historypinners.

Over the past six months The University of Louisville Photographic Archives have been sharing their fantastic collections on Historypin and have curated a series of Tours, including ‘Ghost Signs of Louisville‘ which takes you on on a journey around old advertising signs in Louisville, KY, USA.

This inspired Sam Roberts (@sroberts @ghostsigns) to create this great Tour of Stoke Newington Ghost Signs in London, UK.

Explore the Tours on, or if you’re a local with a smartphone you can download the Historypin app to explore the photos in situ and take some modern replicas. And you can learn more about Ghost Signs here.

Have you got photos of fading ghost signs that have survived in a world of ephemeral digital advertising? Or photos of signs that are now long lost? Add them to Historypin and help preserve the signposts of our old neighbourhood hang outs.

5 thoughts on “Ghost Signs from Louisville, USA to London, UK

  1. Thanks for that, is there a way of using a tag (say ‘ghostsigns’) to pull together all the relevant History Pin content? It would be great to bring everyone together around this topic and start mapping the signs globally…

    • We are looking into ways for users to be able to use Historypin in this way. Currently the best way is to nominate a keyword and encourage users to add it to ghost sign photos they post – see the example by Nature Conservancy.

  2. I have just recently discovered ‘ghost signs’ and have been on the look out for them here in Portland Oregon. I like seeing collections like you mention in other places too. They are truly ‘ghosts’ from another time.

  3. I love what you guys are doing with ghost signs, and these are great fades on the tours especially!