Magic moments with Magic Me

This month, Historypin was lucky enough to work with Magic Me, on a fantastic inter-generational project. Young volunteers and older residents of Tower Hamlets came together to  share photos, stories and memories in this three day workshop programme.

Two participants sharing memories around a photo

Everyone had a fantastic time learning about the history of the local area and about the fascinating personal histories that the group shared.   We are really excited that so many of the group want to continue to share their history on Historypin and become Historypin champions.

Have a look at some of the amazing photos and stories that were pinned onto Historypin during the session.

We are really looking forward to running more Historypin projects with Magic Me.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much and found out as many fascinating stories as we did during this project.

Reading Festival

Bob brok his new hat, 29 August 2009, shated by digital_geeIt’s Reading Festival this weekend, and as part of Pinning Reading’s History we’ve been collecting photos and stories from the Festival which started in 1971, growing out of the National Jazz Festival. Check out Reading Museum’s website for a full list of all the bands who’ve played on the main stage in years past.

Reading Festival and Reading Post have contributed some great pics from their archives (including mechanical horses and bin-bag fashion) and we’ve had some great pins from Festival goers.

If you’ve got photos and memories of Reading Festival add to the map. If you’re heading down for the weekend, hope the weather’s kind!

Historypin Coffee Morning, Whitley Wood

Residents of Whitley Wood outside the community centre

We are delighted to see that Historypin coffee mornings are becoming a regular feature in Reading’s community spaces. Here are some of Whitley’s residents outside the Whitley Wood Community Centre after their monthly get together to chat about photos, stories and their area.

This week Diane brought along a photo of a relative who had been in the police force but she didn’t know when or where the photo was taken (see the photo here).  Using great detective skills, Jenny did some research and found out from the insignia on his helmet that he had worked in Holborn, solving the mystery for Diane.  We are really impressed that people in Reading are not only sharing stories about their heritage but helping each other find out more about their family histories.

This is all part of our local project ‘Pinning Reading’s History’.  If you live in Reading or have photos or stories of Reading, keep an eye on the Historypin Community pages for ways to get involved.

One month on

We’re a month on from the end of our launch week in the US and some big things have been happening.

Some of the headlines…

Just over 1 million people have visited the site since the launch on July 11th.

USA, UK, Russia, Hungary and Canada are the top five countries for visitors.

15,000 have downloaded the Historypin Android app, launched on 11th July.

51,000 have downloaded the Historypin iPhone app, launched just a week ago on 15th August.

17,000 are registered on

51,682 pieces of content have been pinned.

Loads of you have been writing about us

Mashable, Good, TIME and the New York Times are amongst the lovely people who have written about us.

New partners

60 archives, libraries and museums have come on board since July and started to share their collections and some are using Historypin to solicit help in identifying forgotten places. See what’s going on in Brooklyn, New York City.

Universities are using Historypin to recreate snapshots of their campuses over the decades and engage their alumni and news agencies are using Historypin to revisit events in local history, gather recollections, and document how things have changed.
Some of our favourites things that have been going on in communities….

A fantastic inter-generational event at Billericay School in Essex, UK.

Loads of stuff going on in Reading (Berks, UK) in the run up to the launch of our first full on local Historypin project.

A dedicated Historypin month by the brilliant Culture Themes.

A great 3-day intergenerational workshop with Magic Me in Tower Hamlets – see some of the photos and stories that were shared and pinned.

More details on all of these to follow – watch this blog for more info.

And a shout out to some of our favourite pins and pinners…

Kiama Library, Australia
South End Historical Society, Boston

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making these stats so impressive, we’re hoping every month is going to be this exciting.

Launch of the Historypin iPhone app

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Historypin iPhone app (complete with all bells and whistles) is now out.

Download it from the iPhone  app shop here.
Download it from the Android shop here.

You can use your phone to discover the history of the streets around you, revealing photos (and the stories behind them) and overlaying them onto the live camera view. Fade in and out to compare today with how the world used to look.You can also explore all the photos on the Historypin site through the map interface and see themed Collections of the best content from around the world, transporting you to Germany in the 1890s or Boston in 1970s, when you’re stuck on a bus in New York in 2011, or anywhere else for that matter…

Testing it out by St Pauls Cathedral amidst lots of London rain...

Your phone also now allows you to add your own piece of history to the Historypin map. Use it to digitise an old photograph and pin it to the date and time it was taken, making it much easier to get your old photos on the site.

Or, if you witness something of historic importance, be it a presidential address or sporting victory, capture it with your phone camera and upload it directly to Historypin.

The app also lets people take modern replicas of old photos they discover through the app, providing a useful comparison for other users.

Plus,  if you shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture, your phone will bring up some of the best photos from all over the globe.

We took it for a test drive near our offices, and really enjoyed the old photos and stories that sprung up when we were around St Paul’s cathedral.

Download it now and a look for yourself.

Lining up a picture of St Pauls Cathedral from 1910


Exploring photos in the area